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Liquid Shit

Now the slave of Lady Yuna is covered with liquid shit!
Lady Yuna has a strong diarrhea, but her slave is her living toilet! So it is also used and the slave must take shit in the mouth! Because he is a little loser but a good shit eater he may even is allowed to jerk off his cock

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Shitted, masturbated and tasted my scat!

Wow, that was so unbelievable! I had to shit and there came some small pebbles out only. But the smell made me sooo horny that I could not resist – and had to play with my pussy! Only few moments before reaching the climax I had to stop – and grabbed some of my shit to taste it…!

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Faceshitting Video

The blonde beautiful girl have a exotic dinner with elvers and vegetables while chatting with the other girls. After dinner she feels that she need to take a shit. The slave is tied on the floor under the toilet seat during all day, waiting to be used. She enters the room and order him to open wide the mouth and spit into, then she seats on the toilet and takes a stinky dump in the human toilet mouth.

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